Services: Rental management

MADS UG (limited liability) Property Supervision and Facility Management will manage your property competently and reliably, so that its value does not depreciate. This is always done in agreement with the owner of the property.

Our services comprise: correct commercial administration of the rental property, regular technical checks of its structural condition and careful selection of tenants who suit you and the household community well.

We take over the full and professional management of your property.

It goes without saying that the scope of duties taken over will be determined by you. Our well-trained and experienced clerks have sound knowledge of the market with regard to rental management and will offer you all services necessary for an effective rental.

Services provided in the rental sector:

  • Support for tenants in all areas of tenancy; dealing with all enquiries of the tenants
  • Ordering of keys
  • Conclusion, change and termination of rental contracts, including the inspection and take-over of flats/apartments.
  • Acquisition of potential tenants pertaining to credit and social assessment.
  • Preparing rental contracts
  • Booking and supervision of rental payments and payment transactions in connection with the tenancy
  • Rental deposits; asserting any claims which the owner is entitled to in connection with the tenancy
  • Investment and supervision of rental deposits, furnishing proof of interest earnings
  • Settlement of rental deposits after tenant has left flat/apartment
  • Considering options of rental increases; asserting claims as to possible rental increases as agreed upon in the contract as well as any legal claims to rental increases
  • Supervision and enforcement of the house rules
  • Determination of the annual maintenance costs, settlement with the tenants and – if necessary – adjustment of the advance payments
  • Preparing the calculations and enforcing the payment of additional costs
  • Handling payment transactions; registration of all payment transactions
  • Making out of annual or partial invoices in form of surplus sharing statements for owners
  • Returning the surplus to the owner
  • Preparing/making out economic efficiency calculations
  • If applicable, paying loans back to banks
  • Regular inspection and check of the property in question
  • Arranging and supervising all necessary repairs
  • Ascertaining which insurances are required; conclusion and termination of insurance contracts
  • Organising all necessary maintenance and repair measures and awarding them to specialised companies or craft firms
  • Supervising, checking and approving all the work carried out by craftsmen
  • Initiating and checking any necessary and routine repairs
  • Concluding necessary maintenance contracts and supervision of maintenance
  • Supervision of all contracts, services and the services provided by third parties
  • Permanent supervision of the technical state of the building
  • Drawing up a medium-term plan of maintenance
  • Settlement of damages to insured property
  • Preparing sales / preliminary division / division of real estate according to the WEG*
  • Authorizing lawyers for legal actions in connection with the tenancy
  • Handling the complete correspondence with authorities relating to the current management of the property
  • Finding and authorizing an expert/a specialist to issue energy certificates

* German Act on the Ownership of Apartments and the Right of Permanent Residency

You will find us here:

MADS UG Hausverwaltung und Hausmeisterservice

Sophienberg 1

95028 Hof/Germany


+49 (0)9281 9286864

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