Our Services: Extensive but flexible

It is our duty to manage a property as carefully as is usual for a responsible businessman and in the interests of its owner with the aim to achieve the highest profit possible.

In addition to that, we at MADS in Hof/Germany want to help you maintain the value of your property in the long run and to secure your assets in this way.

We deal

- with all commercial and technical matters like accounting and insurances,
- with paperwork like price enquiries and minutes of meetings,
- with interpersonal relationships like the choice of tenants or the owners’ meeting
- as well as with official matters like legal provisions and regulations which have to be observed and
- with the necessary insurances which have to be taken out.

We do this

- empathetically and assertively, with great negotiating skills.

Count on an experienced, competent and responsible partner with regard to a professional and individual management of your property.

Rely on MADS UG Facility Management and Property Supervision.

We take over all duties and activities which you, as the owner of a property, would have to take over.!

Our Key Services:

Management according to WEG

We do our utmost to take care of your common owned property. We safeguard your interests as a trustee according to the regulations of the WEG*.

Tenement management

We want to relieve owners from their tasks and duties as landlords. The scope of duties taken over by us is – of course – determined by the owners themselves.

In addition to that we offer the following services:

  • management of special property
  • management of commercial property
  • sequestration and emergency administration
  • accounting/bookkeeping and settlement
  • technical and commercial property analyses
  • checking the structural conditions
  • commercial facility management
  • technical Facility Management

* German Act on the Ownership of Apartments and the Right of Permanent Residency

You will find us here:

MADS UG Hausverwaltung und Hausmeisterservice

Sophienberg 1

95028 Hof/Germany


+49 (0)9281 9286864

Please use also our contact sheet

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